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At step 502 client device 103 communicates to POS device 105 a declaration that client device 103 wish credit card verify funds bear In cryptocurrency After receiving this message POS device 105 can display 504 AN option to merchandiser 102 whether they would care to welcome payment in the cryptocurrency Oregon In some other vogue much as a edict vogue As addressed above in some embodiments this choice power non be displayed much as when merchandiser profile 130 includes a declared preference for how to wield much options

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After merchandiser 102 receives the payment information from client 104, merchant 102 Crataegus oxycantha send single authorization requests, on with entropy regarding the respective transactions, to payment service 108, As illustrated at 114. Payment serve 108 Crataegus laevigata include payment processing serve 126, merchandiser profiles 130, credit card verify funds and client profiles 132.

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